8 February 2021

USG Global on the Matter of Processing USGFX Clients’ Withdrawals

The USG Group would like to reiterate that the company in liquidation, USGFX (Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd), is completely independent from USG Global (Union Standard International Group Ltd); this includes its finance management, business development, daily administration management and compliance procedures. Despite being owned by the same parent company, USG Global and USGFX are separate legal entiti...(Read more)

21 January 2021

USG Group Builds Global Presence with Multiple Website Links

USG upholds the reputation of 15 years of experience in the FX market and has always focused on the diversification of trading services. USG began to integrate its presence across the globe in 2020. In the spring of 2021, USG launches the official websites of the USG Group to meet the regulatory requirements of different jurisdictions and satisfy clients’ diverse trading needs. USG’s multiple website links are as fol...(Read more)

18 December 2020

USG Wins 2020 Best Forex Broker in Vietnam Award

The global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 caused the downturn of international financial market. However, under such a hard situation, there’s still good news from USG Group. Presented by this year's Traders Fair, USG won the "2020 Best Forex Broker in Vietnam Award" over many forex brokers around the world. This is because of the strong support and recognition from Vietnamese traders for USG. USG has achieved...(Read more)

4 December 2020

Statement from the Board of Union Standard International Group Holdings Limited

The USG group would like to reiterate their commitment to work hard on normalizing the deposit and withdrawal process. USG has been working very hard to process the withdrawals but unfortunately this has proven to be a slower process than initially anticipated due to the restrictions put in place by the regulator. It is now apparent that not all clients will receive their full withdrawal amount by the previously stat...(Read more)

20 November 2020

Luxurious Offer for USG Clients: 2020-2021 Winter Promotion

USG International Group has launched the enticing promotion in the winter of 2020. The most luxurious offer in USG history - Winter Gifts USG International Group launched the enticing promotion in the winter of 2020. You will be able to bring the latest Apple gadgets home after accomplish the requested lots and the deposit amount. The campaign will last for three months, starting from Nov. 23, 2020. Different from pa...(Read more)

23 October 2020

USG Group Statement on Inaccurate Speculations

In response to the recent false accusations against USGFX, the USG Group would like to clarify a number of points in order to set the record straight. At present there are many misleading online posts and articles which are based on mere speculation and only garble the facts. These factually incorrect posts and articles are hindering the efforts of the Group to assist the clients of USGFX. There appears to be a few c...(Read more)

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